Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time to make the donuts

Uncle James, you might be in trouble....Alison had decided to take on donuts.

I'm not sure what put her on the trail, but this morning, she came up asking where her recipe book is. She's got an assortment of smoothie recipes, something called Hobo Lunch and omelettes from her week of cooking camp. She apparently thought it needed bulking up.

I have yet to find a good spot for all of our cookbooks, which used to live on shelves beside our old refrigerator. The new one has eaten up that space.

So we found her book so could organize and add to it. She had her earbuds hooked onto her iPad and was writing down recipes. I didn't have the heart to tell her just to bookmark them. She was so into it.

She had even found for a recipe that would make healthy donuts. Or healthier, I guess. This version calls for baking the donuts rather than deep frying. And, um, no lard, either.

Today's culinary experiment has involved one trip to the store for castor sugar and more flour already. Instead of full cream milk, we used 2 percent and fat-free half-and-half. But real butter.

I'll update after the taste test. And probably another trip to the store for icing decor.

Right now, the dough is resting in the fridge. I'm fairly certain I've never had a baked donut before. I'm betting that I won't have to worry about the points value.....

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