Sunday, June 5, 2011

Three Little Rats

Alison came home from her last day of school with a grocery bag and a backpack full of stuff to go through. I like to keep a little bit of her work each year but even winnowing it like I do, I still end up with tons of masterpieces.

Among the keepers this year is My Poem Book. My personal favorite is what was supposed to be a limmerick. In case you can't read it, it is as follows:

The Three Little Rats
By Alison Reed
4th Grade

The three little rats are all ghouls,
Ice water down my neck; Not cool!!!
They like pranks and pies.
And then there's the lies.
They're my cousins on April Fool's!

I told Ali I thought she'd just written my blog for me.

"The cousins don't read that, do they?"

"Aunt Jaime does."

"Well be sure to say, 'Alison was just kidding.'" she said.

I laughed and asked why would I have to do that? Alison loves "the cousins" Rebecca, Rachael and Aleasha. She's spending a week with them this summer if she can behave herself from now until then.

"Because they might want to kill me!!!" she said.

They might want a little revenge. But I think they'll let her live...

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