Sunday, February 27, 2011

Class pig

Most of the sticky candy and gumballs have been eradicated as we edge closer to Alison's potential 2.5 years of braces. She has brackets on her teeth. Wednesday we get her all wired up. She had four teeth extracted last week to get ready.

Her lower lip had swollen last week to what seemed like 100 times it size, but she's all good now. Other than her ban from popcorn, gumballs and Laffy Taffy, she's fairly excited about the braces.

This weeekend was a first for us. We babysat for the 4th grade class's pet guinea pig, Cocoa. It was an experience that I missed in part due to Book Club and Bunco (thank the Lord.) Apparently at one point, it pooped either on or near the girls. Later, on Captain Reed's watch, the pig was out and crawling on the girls, who were zonked out on the couch.

Alison and I changed its bedding (ick) today and let it crawl around on us a while. It did not pee or poop on us, although it did nibble on my book. We fed it a carrot and that was kind of fun. I'd had a piece of peanut butter toast (4 points) and I think I had a little bit left on my fingers because the little pig liked me a lot. It kept crawling on my lap and nibbling on my fingers.

Ali wants one now, of course. While we were buying the new bedding, I wondered out loud what kind of clear ball it might like if we were so inclined to buy one so it could roll around the house without fear of flinging poop and pee and fur. Alison was totally affronted. "Cocoa is not an 'it,' Mom," she said.

On Saturday, she and Madison broke out a little chemistry set I'd bought her a while ago. They made a beaker full of some kind of flavored bubbly water and some other concoction that involved sugar and vinegar. Then, they were inspired and came up to the kitchen.

"We're going to make a volcano," they informed me.

"Uh," I said. "Where's the recipe for that?"

Alison rolled her eyes and kept gathering equipment. "Mom. It's a classic. We don't need a recipe."

Lo and behold they did it. Ali dragged out the vinegar and baking soda and they erupted about 10 volcanos in a row in the kitchen sink. It was hilarious.

The previous weekend, Ali and Amanda made a wreck of the family room with Littlest Pet Shops. Alison hasn't played with her Pet Shop village in I can't remember how long. But they had a blast.

When we took Amanda home to her (I'm not kidding) palatial estate, she and Alison were both bemoaning the return.

"I'll trade you houses," she said. "Your house is so fun."

I know the sentiment was rooted in going into a home where she wouldn't have a friend along, but Madison later said something fairly similar. And I'm vain enough to take comfort in it.

Don't tell Alison I'm that shallow....

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