Sunday, January 9, 2011

The prude

The first full week back from vacation is always hard, and by Friday, man, I was TIRED! Ali had a sleepover with Jenna planned and Jeff and I were going to go to dinner.

I ended up taking a bubble bath with my first delivered copy of People magazine and champagne delivered by my date, who took advantage of the time to finish some baseball stuff. We met up later to watch Cyrus on demand. It was one of the best date nights ever.

Yesterday, Jeff and Ali dropped me at the gym and went to grocery shop. On the way back to get me they saw a jogger. Nothing odd there except he was shirtless and in shorts. In January. On a snow covered Monon Trail.

Alison was aghast.

She's against nudity to begin with, but "He was half-naked in the middle of winter!" she exclaimed.

Jeff was helpful. "Uh, honey, did you take a look at the cover of the book your mom was reading at the gym? That guy doesn't have a shirt on either."

"I am NOT looking at that," she said. "Mom. That's just wrong. I am not looking at that."

Later, she was so afraid she'd mission 10 seconds of iCarly that she brought her pjs in into the family room. Standing in front of us, she wiggled out of her pants and flashed a little bit of moonlight.

"Ahem," her father said.

She just giggled and refused to acknowledge her indiscretion.

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