Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I just don't understand...

So last week, I hit the beach. Well, the pool, actually. The point is that I was on vacation in Southern Florida for four days with a group not known for their ability to just say no to alcohol.

I did OK, although I never found the work out room. I did walk to breakfast, so that should count for something. And I stayed up late, so there had to be some extra activity points in there somewhere.

I managed to avoid the dessert tray the entire time. But I had my first ever sake bomb the first night out (that's a shot of sake in a glass of beer.) I followed that up with a double shot of tequila. And there may have been beer.

The next day, I decided that it would have simply been rude to reject the champagne that came poolside.

There was just no excuse for diving into the sour cream Lay's. Or the Doritos. But my boss force fed me the cookies. Really. He did. Oh, and there may have been mac-n-cheese at the Pro Bowl tailgate party. And beer. There was beer. But I should have earned at least one activity point for my stellar performance in the Tippy Cup Olympics.

So all in all, it was not my best Weight Watchers weekend. Compare it to the previous week where I worked out at least four times (at an hour a pop) AND I didn't go over my points. At all. That week, you may recally, I gained 0.2 pounds.

Last week? Know what happened last week? I lost that 0.2 pounds.

How is this right? I'm WEAK. The lesson I want to take away is that I can drink to excess, hang out by the pool and be none the worse off.

The lesson I should take is that I was darn lucky. That the intern worked some magic. That the scale is off. That I dreamed the whole thing. I just don't know.

But I have a plan.

I'm going to pretend it's Week 1 and just start all over. If I'm good and I still gain weight next Wednesday, I'm going to IHOP. Have you seen those new commercials about all-you-can-eat pancakes?

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